Butcher’s Son

real skincare for real men

From cleaver to maintenance tool.

inspired by the traditional craftsmanship of the New York Barbershop, Butcher’s Son offers real skincare for real men – because even tough exteriors want to be looked after. Beard, face or body, the wide range of grooming products covers everything a man needs for a groomed exterior. In addition to shower products and deodorants featuring the Rare, Medium or Well Done fragrances, the portfolio is rounded off with an innovative range of beard-care products.

Individual fragrances 

Designed for the real man, the authentic guy and the groomed gentleman, Butcher’s Son products are characterised by three individual, irresistible fragrances: Rare (bitter & aromatic), Medium (warm & earthy) and Well Done (powerful & energising). 

Natural ingredients

Butcher’s Son relies on natural and semi-natural ingredients for all its products. In keeping with its slogan, ‘Care, don't kill’, Butcher’s Son does not test its products on animals and uses exclusively vegan formulas in the majority of its products (excluding Camouflage Cover Balm).

Innovative blends

The three signature fragrances are supplemented by further ingredients such as Panthenol, activated charcoal and Pro-Vitamin B5. These formulas leave skin feeling exceptionally well-cared for and have a revitalising or stimulating effect.

Butcher’s Son products are available exclusively from Rossmann.